Monster Hunter Freedom 2 sets record on PSP

Highest ever number of pre-orders for Capcom sequel

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 sets record on PSP

According to Capcom, pre-orders for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (as the franchise is known in Japan) have already surpassed the 400,000 mark, making the dragon-slaying RPG sequel the most successful PSP game prior to release in Japan.

Appropriately, this ties in nicely with the record set by its predecessor, the engrossing and predictably entitled Monster Hunter Portable (Monster Hunter Freedom in the west), which became the first PSP game to break the 500,000 barrier. Early indications suggest its sequel is likely to easily match that, and in record time, too.

We'll find out soon enough – in Japan, the second Monster Hunter PSP game is due on February 22nd. While it's tempting to put an order in from here, the text-heavy nature of the gameplay means it should really only be imported by those proficient in Japanese.

For everyone else, then, it's waiting time. No date has yet been confirmed for the English version, although the original eventually emerged last May in the UK (after a Japanese December release) so that should give us some indication (Christmas 2007, perhaps?).

As soon as we hear something, so will you.