Skylanders meets Mario Kart in ghoul-filled Monster 500 racing game for Android and iOS

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Skylanders meets Mario Kart in ghoul-filled Monster 500 racing game for Android and iOS
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Kids love toys. They also love video games. They also also love toys that come to life in video games (something that the maker of Skylanders has proven year-on-year).

With all that in mind, then, Black Wing Foundation and Turn Me Up Games have teamed up with Toys R Us to create a line of toys that - wait for it - will tie in with a forthcoming video game. Amazing.

Monster 500 is a freemium kart-inspired racing game for iOS and Android that stars a bunch of gruesome monsters.

One clichéd character, who goes by the name of Turbo Chainsaw Maverick, wears a hockey mask and wields a chainsaw. Another, meanwhile, is a Nosferatu-style Dracula. It's the kind of soft core gruesomeness that won't keep kids awake at night.

Oh, and there's a creepy clown in Monster 500, too. Because, you know, every game needs a creepy clown.

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Built in the Unreal Engine, Monster 500 will boast six explorable worlds and a total of 24 tracks. It'll also feature multiplayer, if you're up for some kart-on-kart action.

What's most interesting about Monster 500, though, is the role the 3-inch die-cast toys 'play' in all this.

Each of the ten different toys has an accompanying trading card. Each card has a unique code. After entering that code into the game, you will receive what is known as a "Blindbox". After opening that, you will unlock new vehicles and other bonus loot.

Okay, so the Monster 500 figures may not be as visually impressive as Toys for Bob's Skylanders range, but they will be considerably cheaper than the latter toys. Whereas a standard Skylander will set you back $10.99, a Monster 500 toy will retail for just $5.99.

Monster 500 will be free to download via Google Play and the App Store on October 14th. The toys themselves will be available in stores on October 15th.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland
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