[Update] Gameloft gives Modern Combat 5: Blackout a July 24th deploy date on iOS and Android

Grab your gun (Updated with platform, price, and internet details)

[Update] Gameloft gives Modern Combat 5: Blackout a July 24th deploy date on iOS and Android
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Updated on July 9th, at 12:04: Modern Combat 5 will launch on both iOS and Android on July 24th, Gameloft has confirmed. The game is also coming to Windows Phone, but the date has not be confirmed.

Blackout will cost £4.99 / $6.99.

The game will also require an internet connection, even when playing offline. Gameloft tells Pocket Gamer that this is because of the unified progression system where your story mode unlocks appear in multiplayer, and vice versa.

"The single player campaign now has a direct influence on the multiplayer environment and we need to make sure nobody is cheating. The online connection helps us do that and also enables us to cloud save the progress."

Globe-trotting war sim Modern Combat 5 finally has a release date. The long-awaited first-person shooter is out in two weeks, on July 24th.

If you read our hands-on preview you'll know that the game will have story missions with cutscenes and action set-pieces, alongside shorter Spec Ops missions that you can complete on the bus.

And if you read this story, you'll know the multiplayer section will have squads, four different modes, classes, and unified progression with the singleplayer campaign.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be a premium game, with no nuisance in-app purchases. We'll check with Gameloft now to see whether this date is for iOS only, or Android too.

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Mark Brown
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