[UPDATE] Gameloft announces Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS

Who called it?

[UPDATE] Gameloft announces Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS

[UPDATE: This story originally stated that Modern Combat 3 will cost 69p/99c. It won't. The price indicated in the TwitPic below relates to Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, which is now on sale. That means the first two and a half paragraphs of the following story make no sense, but will stand as testament to the danger of jumping to conclusions.]

Around a week ago Gameloft published this TwitPic teasing a new shooter.

We naturally speculated on what the game might be. Click the link and read number two on that list. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Yep. It transpires that Modern Combat 3 is the game in question, and Gameloft has just released an official trailer.

The studio hasn't revealed whether the game will run on the Unreal Engine, but it's announced several new features.

War sometimes changes

A major tweak is the implementation of customisable controls. You can move the buttons for fire, crouch, and so on to anywhere that feels natural on the screen. There's also a new sprint button.

The multiplayer introduced in MC2 will purportedly be stepped up, using Gameloft Live to process 12-player matchmaking. There are currently six different maps, with six different game modes to play. More will probably follow.

The game will hit the App Store during "Fall 2011" costing 69p/99c.

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