Modern Combat 3 abseils onto the Android Market

And then blows everything up in slow-motion

Modern Combat 3 abseils onto the Android Market

Gameloft’s Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning first-person shooter, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation has sneaked its way onto the Android Market today, planted a bomb, and scored a headshot on high-end Android phones.

The game picks up directly after events in Modern Combat 2, with a combined invasion force of Bad Guys descending on America and wreaking havoc among suburbs, skyscrapers, and everything in between.

Additions to the gameplay include a sprint button and much-improved graphics that help accentuate the explosions and ‘staring at my gloves’ moments.

Believe me, you stare at your gloves a lot during the large single-player campaign.

Brothers in arms

Alongside the fully-featured campaign is multiplayer for up to 12 players that builds upon the foundations of its predecessor.

Now there are even more unlockable items to shoot for, as well as the MC version of Call of Duty’s powerful kill streaks, and tons of team and solo modes to fight in.

Modern Combat 3 appears to be only for high-end devices running Android 2.1 and above, although strangely this includes the original Galaxy Tab (but not the Xperia Play or Asus Transformer).

It’s available on the Android Market now for £4.99 [download].

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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