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Mobile Legends: How to play and position as an Assassin

Mobile Legends: How to play and position as an Assassin

With Assassins, you always want to go in, kill, and go out. You will not always have sustained damage, so your best bet is to go full ham on the squishy enemies that you have your eyes on, kill them, and then run out.

The main reasoning behind doing this is because you will have to get within melee range, and normally assassins don't have a lot of defensive abilities to keep them alive when face to face with an unexpected enemy. So, you want to stay alive for as long as possible.

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- Very high burst DPS
- A lot of mobility
- Can gank and roam easily
- Can deal with enemies that need to be killed relatively quick
- Can assassinate opponents 1 by 1 and put the enemy team at a numbers disadvantage
- They can snowball even if behind


- Very low defenses
- Don't always do well in teamfights, they want isolated squishy enemies to assassinate them
- If they are behind, and cannot snowball, they will be irrelevant

How to position as an Assassin:

When you play Assassins, you almost never want to be the one engaging. You want to be the one dealing the "last hit" or taking on opponents that are low on HP, or even have something like 50% HP (or less, of course). The only time you want to actively engage in a kill is when you know you can 100 to 0 someone.

Your main targets are enemy DPS heroes, who lack in defenses and mobility. You can stay in a bush, and surprise them when they are pushed in too far, or when they least expect it. Because Assassins have quite high mobility, you can also try to surprise enemies in their own jungle, or in any situation where you think they could be vulnerable.

If you're laning, you don't want to get too close to the enemy, unless you're pushing the lane in and then run out. Because you don't want to get caught under the enemy tower, and CCd, you want to use the bushes to your advantage (in teamfights too, and try to take down the enemy squishies).

What to build:

On Assassins, you almost always want to go damage, and more specifically, flat damage and critical. You should try to build items that let you "come online" sooner because Assassins usually spike the moment they hit level 4 and unlock Ultimate. So, if you have some strong items by then, you'll have a much bigger impact. 

The itemization depends on the type of damage you want to do, and the heroes on the enemy team. You want to always have items that "counter" them.

What Assassin to play in Mobile Legends:

The meta is always changing, so you should try to pick a hero that is strong in the current patch. Make sure you check out the Mobile Legends tier list to keep up with the latest top-tier Assassins!


- When you want to kill people as an Assassin, you want to prioritize low HP enemies > squishy enemies who can't fight back (certain supports) or squishy DPS > the rest.

- You almost never want to engage on the enemies, especially if they have CC skills or ultimates up, and they have the advantage in numbers

- You want to use the terrain for your advantage, so all the bushes and fog of war should come to your aid for catching unexpecting enemies.

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