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Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a ranged DPS

Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a ranged DPS

Ranged DPS units are usually Marksmen and Mages. Ranged Physical DPS heroes are extremely powerful, and there is no such thing as a better pick between these two. They're both equally good, and equally necessary on any team.

Mages/Physical DPS are damage dealing units which have a great impact on the game. They are some of the most reliable and important damage dealers a team could have because their kit allows them to perform powerful burst skills and reliable damage.

In addition to damage dealing skills, Mages/Physical DPS can have plenty of CC abilities that lets them combo CC - Burst skills to kill unexpecting enemies.

Mages/Physical are mostly played in the midlane, since they have a lot of powerful skills that lets them push the lanes and clear minion waves quickly. The absolute best thing you could do as a Mage is to push your lane, buy the items you need, and then quickly roam to one of the side lanes (I am saying sidelane because most often you'll play a Mage in mid lane).

Even if you won't kill the enemy laner as a Mage/Physical, you should be able to chip away at their HP until they're low enough to back away and recall. (thus resulting in more lane pressure, and ability to gank)

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- Has kill pressure
- Can wave clear
- Can roam
- Can gank
- Can get solo skills
- Is core to any team that needs a magic DPS


- Is quite squishy (doesn't have strong defenses or a lot of HP)
- Can be quite mana-hungry (especially Mages)
- Can be forced out of lane easily if an enemy ganks them

How to position as a Mage/Marksman:

As a Mage/Physical DPS, you always want to stay behind your minions and farm until enemies come within range. If they're in your range and your skills are up, you might be able to get a solo kill. Otherwise, keep farming, getting XP and Gold, and scale.

You never want to go to the front! If an opponent will see you walking up to them and they have the numbers advantage, you might end up dead in a matter of seconds. So, wait for your team and for your tank or fighter to go up ahead.

When farming, you want to farm, kill the enemy laner (when possible) or simply force them to recall. Then, walk over to the river and take the crab (for vision).

After you did that, you can walk to the enemy tower and destroy it. If you can do that, then you have the priority to take a couple of jungle camps. Repeat this until you gained a lot of Gold/XP, and have an advantage against the opponent. Finally, you want to force a teamfight with your Tank, Support, or other members, and obliterate the enemy.

What to build:

Depending on the hero you choose, you want to pick either strong Magic Power items or Attack Damage ones. For DPS heroes you always want to prioritize spell vamp, because, with such a high damage output, you'll be able to heal back quite a lot of HP. That not only helps against creeps but also in teamfights when you can allow the support to take their eyes off you for a second. 

Additionally, you want to get some cooldown reduction and Mana regen, especially if you play Mages. The more you advance in a game, the more you should also shift your attention towards penetration items. They will help shred the tanks in the front and give you access to the enemy back line a lot quicker. 

What Ranged DPS to play in Mobile Legends:

The meta is always changing, so you should try to pick a hero that is strong in the current patch. Make sure you check out the Mobile Legends tier list to keep up with the latest top-tier DPS heroes!


- Mages/Physical are squishy, so you want to always have somebody in front, peeling for you.

- Never try to 1v2 enemies, unless you are 10000% sure you can win. If you fail, you might lose not only your lane but incoming teamfights (where your team has to fight without a magic DPS) or even the game.

- In the early game you want to try and get some kills to snowball early on, but if it's too risky, then stick to farming and even more farming (and then ganking the other lanes).

To get better at the game, make sure you read our Mobile Legends guide, where you can find all the basics of the game!

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