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Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a Fighter

Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a Fighter

Fighters are not as tanky as the tanks, but their defenses are still higher than the ones of Mages, Assassins, and Marksmen. Fighters are able to carry because they can have strong damage dealing skills, and enough defenses to survive a 1v1 or even a 1v2 situation.

Similarly, in solo lanes, you want to be able to push your waves and set up ganks. If possible, you want to try and get solo skills. As a Fighter, you will be able to hold the lane on your own, without the need for a Support.

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- Can hold the lane on their own
- Can kill on their own
- Can solo push a lane and get away in most situations (if positioned correctly)
- Can apply pressure on a late, thus resulting in reducing the pressure enemies might apply on other lanes
- Can gank
- Can wave clear effectively


- If they're shut down early, it could be difficult to come back
- If the rest of the team is too weak to take down enemies in a teamfight, a Fighter probably cannot 1v5 the enemies
- They might not always be the best "team players" (could be absent when the team needs them because they're pushing or doing something else)

How to position as a Fighter:

Fighters are great solo laners, so you want to always have an idea of how to play your lane. Fighters are doing great on their own, minding their own lane, but if the rest of the team is losing hard, you want to go help them out.

Fighters should be impeccable decision-makers because they can split push and then join team fights to quickly destroy the enemy's hopes at winning.

You never want to lose in the lane, but if you do, you need to keep farming and getting back up on that horse. Therefore, you need to check the map constantly and be aware of the enemy's positioning.

You need to stay either behind minions and trade back and forth with the enemy. A "basic" positioning is quite difficult to name because Fighters should engage and disengage whenever they consider it an opportune time.

In short, you want to position somewhat aggressively but still have a chance to get back to safety.

After you win your lane, you want to go to another lane and help them out, by either split pushing that lane (alone) or taking towers and drawing enemies to you.

What to build:

Fighters can be considered a hybrid between a tank and a DPS hero. They can work well if you get items which let them "come online" early on (something that gives them enough damage to get a solo kill, but also plenty of sustain), and as the game goes on, you can progress more towards a "tanky" fighter or a damage-oriented fighter. 

It all depends on how the matches are going pretty much. If your team is ahead, but they need more "beef", you can get some additional HP+DMG items or even a full tank item. Otherwise, you can go for a more "usual" Fighter build, (recommended stuff). 

If you have a strong tank that is ahead, you can even go for a little bit more damage-focused items to give you a bigger power spike.  

What Fighter to play in Mobile Legends:

The meta is always changing, so you should try to pick a hero that is strong in the current patch. Make sure you check out the Mobile Legends tier list to keep up with the latest top-tier Fighters!


- A fighter will not always have to stay alone in a lane, they can join teamfights when they consider them to be appropriate.

- If a fighter applies pressure on one lane, the rest of the team should go to the other lanes and pressure them.

- If a fighter plans on joining the team, they should make sure their lane is pushed, otherwise, they won't have priority in leaving the lane.

- If a Fighter is fed (has kills, is ahead in Gold and XP) they should be able to have a lot of killing pressure and could be able to take down 1 or 2 enemies on their own.

To get better at the game, make sure you read our Mobile Legends guide, where you can find all the basics of the game!

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