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Mobile Legends diamonds guide - Ways to earn them for free

Mobile Legends diamonds guide - Ways to earn them for free

Whenever there’s a talk about mobile MOBAs, there are two of them in particular that are dominating the scene and that’s Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. But today we will be discussing Mobile Legend and its in-game currency, called Diamonds.

Mobile Legends was released in 2016 and was the first and only MOBA title made for mobiles for a very long time. Since, titles such as  Arena of Valor, Onmyoji Arena, Wild Rift joined the fun. Since the game came out, there is always hype about the Diamonds or its alternative, Crystal of Auroras.

Players always have questions like, what are they or how to get them for free? Worry not, we have the answers to all of your queries. So, without any delay let’s look at the answers to your burning questions.

What are Mobile Legend Diamonds?

Diamonds are the in-game currency that is used to unlock the premium or exclusive content and buy heroes the game has to offer. Recently, the usage of Diamonds shot up as Moonton, the developer is constantly rolling out multiple events which contain rare skins and other goodies. Similarly, Crystal of Aurora is an alternative to Diamonds and is comparatively cheap, but the usage is very limited in-game.

What are the various ways to get Diamonds for free?

Redemption Codes

If you have redeemed codes for various other games then you must have an idea about the usage of MLBB redemption codes and how it works. The only thing that makes it different from the rest is the way the code is redeemed. In order to redeem one, players will have to do so from a web browser by using this link, followed by a verification process.

The easiest way to grab the codes is by visiting the redeem codes page that we have created, where we regularly update them. Or else, you can head to the Twitter or Facebook page of MLBB where the devs giveaway a code or two everyone once in a while.


Recently, Moonton has carried out national-level tournaments featuring the best teams from multiple nations. The entire tournament along with commentary was broadcasted on the official YouTube channel of MLBB. To retain the users Moonton releases codes with exclusive rewards on the Live Chat of the stream. Lucky players can successfully claim the rewards.

Regular Diamonds recharge

Moonton gives extra Diamonds to the players who recharge regularly, especially before an upcoming event or tourney. After successful recharge, you can find an in-game mail that contains a thanking message and diamonds.

Streaming will get you free diamonds

If you are a professional player, then do not hesitate to turn on your in-game stream where players or your followers can watch you while playing. Inside the view mode, there’s an option to send gifts such as Yachts, Flower, Jewellery. These gift items can be claimed later on, and converted into Diamonds.

On the other hand, players can also stream on popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Trovo. Moonton rewards the players who are regularly streaming and creating content for their game by sending them tons of Diamonds.

These were all the easiest and valid ways to grab Diamonds for free in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Suchit Mohanty
Suchit Mohanty
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