Mobile Legends Melissa best build, emblems and combos

Mobile Legends Melissa best build, emblems and combos

Melissa, Cursed Needle is the latest addition to the Marksman category and to the roster of Forsaken Light of Mobile Legends. In this article, you will find the best tips, including builds, emblems and combos to make her shine in battle. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at our Mobile Legends Melissa guide.

Melissa is a burst damage Marksman belonging to the Moniyan Empire. Her primary weapon is a needle known as Cursed Needles. Its passive allows an increase in damage up to 82.5%. As of now, there’s no adjustment on the hero as no bug or nerf-worthy attribute has been found. In addition, do take a look at our regularly updated Mobile Legends Tier List to find out where Melissa ranks.

Melissa’s movement speed, blink and debuffing abilities make her an excellent choice when facing heavy CC skilled enemies. While using her, you don’t have to bother about the battle spell, Purify or Tough Boots. All she needs is Attack Speed, so you can freely use Swift Boots and Inspire to bring the best out of her.

ML Melissa jungling

Now, let’s head to the best combos, emblems and recommended builds for Melissa to secure a victory in every match.

What are the best emblems to use on Melissa?

Melissa, as a Marksman, should always use the Custom Marksman and Assassin Emblem as she needs to inflict massive physical damage on enemies. Either of the emblems is fine to use, but we insist on the Marksman Emblem as the Attack Speed stats it provides will help you a lot during the early game.

Custom Marksman Emblem

Marksman Emblem for Melissa

  • Bravery +3
  • Doom +3
  • Electro Flash or Weakness Finder

Bravery and Doom will help increase the Physical Attack and Crit Damage on the weapons that you equip. We suggest you use Electro Flash to help gain a movement speed for 1.5 secs and restore HP by 30% on a single basic attack. This can prove to be a good choice in case you need to secure a kill or objective by turret diving.

Weakness Finder is also helpful if the enemy has blink or dash skills as it reduces the Movement Speed of the enemy and increases your Attack Speed.

Custom Assassin Emblem

Assassin's emblem for Melissa

  • Bravery +3
  • Invasion +3
  • Killing Spree

If you lack Physical Penetration from your equipped items, Invasion will fill that gap. The only talent we suggest using in the Assassin Emblem is Killing Spree. It boosts your movement speed by 15% for 5 seconds and increases your HP by 12%. Quite helpful if you are escaping a sticky situation after attempting a gank.

best spells to use for this build

What are the best battle spells for Melissa?

Inspire and Flicker are the best battle spells as of now. You can choose either of them while playing in the mid or side lane. Flicker can be a good choice if you want to execute proper combos and make the gameplay more interesting while Inspire is good for securing quick kills and objectives.

What are the best builds for Melissa?

Here is the part you all were waiting for. As mentioned above, Melissa relies on Attack Speed items. It is best to combine Attack Speed and Physical Damage items. Take a look at the best builds for Melissa below:

Best build for Melissa - primary
  • Swift Boots
  • Windtalker
  • Scarlett Phantom
  • Berserker Fury
  • Wind of Nature
  • Blade of Despair

  Best build for Melissa - secondary

  • Swift Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Sea Halberd
  • Malefic Roar
  • Berserker Fury
  • Immortality

We advise you to equip a minimum of two Attack Speed items along with Defensive and Physical Damage items. The above items are regularly used on Melissa and can be changed depending on the situation. Below is the list of situational items for Melissa:

Situational Items

  • Athena Shield
  • Radiant Armor
  • Hass Claw
  • Endless Battle
  • Corrosion Scythe

The best combos to try out with Melissa

Understanding and executing Melissa’s skills are fairly easy. But we would recommend trying out her skills in an AI match or practice mode before heading to a Classic or Ranked match to prevent unnecessary feeding.

  • Skill 1 - Skill 2 - Basic Attack - Skill 3 - Skill 1
  • Skill 2 - Skill 3 - Basic Attack - Skill 1

You can use Flicker to surprise the enemy by ganking from the bush or combine it with Skill 1 to dash a longer distance.

One of the combos with ML Melissa

Who is the best partner for ML Melissa?

Melissa’s ultimate is a CC skill where the enemy can’t get near you as they become trapped in a circular field. You can pair up with Tigreal, Johnson, Atlas, Zilong, Akai and Franco to outplay the enemy. The above heroes have CC skills too, which makes it easier for Melissa to perform her combos.

That’s all for the ultimate build, emblem, combos and spells guide for Melissa in Mobile Legends. We will make sure to keep them up to date as future patches shift the meta. Of course, you could check some of our other guides like Hayabusa's best build.

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