MLB Perfect Inning 2020: Tips to help you light up the diamond

MLB Perfect Inning 2020: Tips to help you light up the diamond

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MLB Perfect Inning 2020 is one of the more popular baseball games out on mobile with its depth and "My Player" creator system among other things. Going on seven years now, it is also one of the longer-tenured MLB games in mobile gaming. 

A new update helps boost the depth of the game and that includes a Highlight Card of young Yankee star Gleybor Torres who graces of the cover of the game. The card is being given away to celebrate the return of baseball and all you need to do is log in. 

But, when playing the game, you'll notice that it will feel a bit like baseball games that you may have played on console or PC. That's just how realistic it is. But with the number of things that it offers, it can seem a bit overwhelming for new players. Here are a few tips to help you, both with the bat and the glove. 

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Mix up your pitches

Let's work backward a bit and start with pitching (I know, you're probably a big fan of batting). Pitching in MLB Perfect Inning is very similar to games like MLB The Show. You choose a pitch and then pick an area within or outside of the strike zone.

From there, you'll need to watch a meter and stop the little cursor in the sweet spot of it. This will allow you to throw some smooth pitches and have them right where you want them. But a good rule of thumb is to switch your pitches up as best you can.

If you're using a pitcher who has an array of options, then you'll have a lot to play with. I'm a White Sox fan and Lucas Giolito, the team's ace, has five or six pitches to choose from. Having the options is great, and most of the aces will have a nice chunk. Even when you start going through relief pitchers, you can start mix things up pretty well despite not having as many pitch options.

Timing is everything in batting

One of the nice things about MLB Perfect Inning is that it has classic batting controls so it makes it easy for many gamers to pick up and play. That said, it doesn't mean that it's a walk in the park either. You still have to see the pitches and watch for their speeds. 

On top of this, you need to see where they go. Not every pitch will be inside the zone. In short, this is really just baseball fundamentals. If you've played baseball games before, then you'll have no issues here. However, if you're experiencing these games for the first time, then it's a good thing to just remember. 

If you really want to crush the ball, it's definitely important to read the pitches as we mentioned. It's so easy to think a fastball is coming when it could be a changeup which is a much slower pitch, causing you to swing out of those nice shoes of yours. So just be aware, and you'll slapping the ball all over the place. 

Don't be afraid to take pitches

As with any baseball game, it's easy to lick your chops and try and go for the home run bomb in MLB Perfect Inning. As enticing as it is to swing at everything (not going to lie, you can get some hits that way), it's smart to hold off on a pitch or two. 

In fact, I would even recommend holding off on the first pitch every time. Not saying that you need to do this, but if you take it, and it's a ball, then you'll be the driver's seat right away. Of course, if it's a cold strike one, then, well, you'll be behind. But, if anything if you see what pitch he throws, then it may give you an idea of what's next. 

Sometimes it's just good to take a pitch, even if you have set in your mind already that you're going to do so. If your vision is excellent, then you'll be a pro at taking the balls that are outside the zone. Again, this is also a baseball fundamental, but it's always good to know, especially in an area such as batting that will have you swinging even if you weren't trying to. 

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Colin  Mieczkowski
Colin Mieczkowski
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