Mister Slime released for DS in US

And the UK, too. Possibly

Mister Slime released for DS in US
| Mister Slime

SouthPeak's unique new splatform game goes on sale in the US, prompting DS pocket gamers to get their hands mucky by attempting to stop a world war using stretchy lengths of flubber.

In many ways, Mister Slime looks a lot like a digital version of those sticky octopus things that used to crawl down the wall (and leave slug trails on your wallpaper), only with far greater consequence.

Your task, as the eponymous Mister Slime, is to stop the ritual warring on your home planet and bring peace to the slime that lives there.

We've already had a tasty preview of the Mister Slime US version and the game is already available in parts of Europe. But if retail information is to be believed, the UK should see it this week.

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