Arcade shoot-'em-up Mini Squadron targeting iPhone

Solo developer Tak Fung is taking to the air

Arcade shoot-'em-up Mini Squadron targeting iPhone
| MiniSquadron

Over on, we're interviewing some of the one-team development teams who are working in the hope of iPhone glory.

Our first interview is with Tak Fung, who's previously worked on games such as the Fable series for Lionhead, before making the decision to go solo with his game, Mini Squadron.

It's a great-looking arcade plane shooter, which he hopes will be on the App Store sometime in November.

As well as zooming around and shooting down other aircraft through eight levels, a key part of the game is the unlocking and collection of different types of planes.

Fung also hopes to get head2head multiplayer via local wi-fi included.

"Mini Squadron is my idea of a simple, fast and frenetic shooter on the iPhone, taking inspiration from games such as BIP (Biplane Duel) and Jetstrike on the Amiga," he says.

"It's old-skool gameplay, updated for the iPhone with polished graphics and my own take on the physics movement of the planes."

You can see how it's shaping up with the following video:

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