Mighty Quest for Epic Loot 2019 cheats, tips - How to win in the Arena

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot 2019 cheats, tips - How to win in the Arena

Don't let those PVPers get you down

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is back after a long slumber, and the latest version of the game brings so much new stuff we can't even fathom where to begin.

There are brand new trials, a season pass, adventure mode, achievements, challenges, it's hard to wrap your head around. So let's take it one step at a time, with the Arena mode.

The arena mode is the big new mode which will see you go against free players in a 4 player free for all, filled with projectiles and weaponry flying about. It's pretty glorious.

Here we'll lay down the tips you need to clear through your first few battles, but as you go, upgrading your skills - and your literal physical abilities - will be necessary.

The third party

So, you want to win an Arena battle? You won't like this. You are going to have to abuse the fact that there are four players on the field, all fighting one another.

Just jump into someone else's battle. Start wailing on them when they're already directing their attacks elsewhere. If you want to win, this is the way to do it.

Of course, don't just let another player attack you, either. You'll need to be wise about your positioning, and you will have to fight back, or try and get them contained in enemy hitboxes, before you begin jumping into a gang brawl.

Don't forget the basics of the combat, either. Dodge out of the way of obvious enemy attacks, and strike back as often as possible. Avoiding everything will be impossible, as real players don't have much attack wind up, just be sensible and predict their moves while remembering that they are limited in the same way you are.

Pick out the guy with the lowest health, finish him off, and repeat. A one-on-one fight is more often than not only decided by who has the biggest damage.

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Don't get hit

This one can't be obvious enough. If you see explosive attacks happening, don't get close. If three players are fighting and you're in the clear, go behind one and start picking them off, don't jump in the centre.

This simple tactic will help you live so much longer in games. As we've said, it's easier said than done, but it's more important here than in Adventure mode.

Maximum hitboxes

The bigger the attack, the better. Attacks like the shurikens are great to hit a wide area, and anything with range gives you the edge.

You might want to customise your skills and talents specifically for the Arena, with abilities and skill which focus on keeping your opponent back and hitting from a distance.

Or, of course, you could just overwhelm them with strength.

Here we go again

Ultimately, practice makes perfect, and if nothing else, you can always upgrade your gear.

Just keep jumping on in when you have the energy for it (only three a day - yikes) and try to win. Upgrade the gear, customise the skills, go again.

Before long, you will have the edge, I assure you.

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