Mergeland - Alice's Adventure's latest challenge is fixing dessert machines for Mad Hatter

Mergeland - Alice's Adventure's latest challenge is fixing dessert machines for Mad Hatter

In the world through the looking glass in Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure, things are a little silent as the Mad Hatter is sipping his afternoon tea all by himself. But who would want to do that alone? So, the Hatter whips up another crazy one of these plans and wants to treat the entirety of Wonderlandl to some tasty desserts. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the machines and Ally is all set to help out.

The Mad Hatter really has a lot planned for the Wonderland folks and everything is riding on players being able to fix the machines in time. His ideas include but are not limited to marshmallows that are fluffier than the clouds above, donuts and ice creams in a number of different flavours, and freshly squeezed mango juice that is sure to rejuvenate everyone.

It will be the perfect afternoon if things can work out. Players must help Ally and the Mad Hatters by fixing all the broken dessert machines. Even Wonderland isn’t safe from the McDonald’s ice-cream machine not working meme. Fixing the devices shouldn’t be a very difficult process as players just need to call upon their merging power and watch the magic unravel itself.

Saving the Hatter from passing a lonely afternoon all by himself will turn out to be a rewarding thing too. Completing the various quests and challenges and fixing the machines will unlock a number of special prizes like a Sweet House that is made completely from chocolate and cream as a decoration in Wonderland.

Players can also unlock the delicious-looking Dessert Bar that will replace Mad Hatter’s old shop window. Then, the quirky character can prepare all the sweet dishes he wants without having to rely on anyone’s support.

Help the Mad Hatter throw the perfect afternoon tea party by downloading Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure now for free.

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