Mergeland - Alice's Adventure is celebrating Chinese New Year with lots of events and rewards

Mergeland - Alice's Adventure is celebrating Chinese New Year with lots of events and rewards

While the Chinese traditional New Year was celebrated on January 22nd, the festivities still continue in Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure. The match-3 puzzler is also commemorating the Spring Festival as the White Queen invited little Ally to come and enjoy all the hustle and bustle of Wonderland’s Chinatown region.

Ally already has a dress picked out for the occasion as she will be seen sporting her brand new Tang Suit in Mergeland. Seems like she’s done some reading as well and is ready to educate players with stories about the Lunar New Year, the significance of wearing red-coloured clothing and lighting firecrackers.

Chinatown itself will be full of activities for everyone to enjoy. Players will be able to experience a lot such as writing fu (fortune) characters, hanging lanterns, placing couplets, and other traditional customs that have been going on for thousands of years. They were all meant to keep the people's wishes safe and lucky and continue to do so today.

But the coolest part of the festival has to be Ally and the White Queen teaming up to make a special Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner that consists of delicious dumplings. It is definitely not as easy and they can very quickly shrink or break down. As a result, players must help them create perfect Ingot-shaped dumplings.

In addition, the duo will also go around making new clothes for children. They will make adorable tiger-head hats that contain good wishes to keep the kids safe and healthy while eliminating all evil. Finally, Wonderland's skies will join the occasion as a majestic golden dragon will be seen flying.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year yourself with little Ally and her friends by downloading Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure for free by clicking on either link below.

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