Merge Dragons! latest update introduces Dragon Homes, allowing for some interior decorating

Merge Dragons! latest update introduces Dragon Homes, allowing for some interior decorating

Zynga and Gram Games have announced a brand new feature for their popular puzzler Merge Dragons! It is called Dragon Homes and will allow players to decorate their winged beasts' dwellings. Alongside this, players can expect new items, mechanics and customisation options.

That means you can now enter their abode back at the Dragon Camp and decorate it with various pieces of furniture. These decorative items belong to three categories – Kala, Retro and Rustic. Within each, there are five item chains with multiple levels and rarities. They include legendary, mythical, rare, epic, common and uncommon. As players continue renovating their dragons' houses, they will unlock more rooms to furnish.

The introduction of Dragon Homes coincides with the addition of a new in-game currency called Dust. Players can gather this new resource in special areas with Dust Bunnies or by selling their furniture inventory. Either way, Dust can be exchanged for in-game crates packed with items and objects players can use to decorate Dragon Homes.

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Discussing the latest addition, Eren Yanik, Chief Product Officer at Gram Games, said: “Four years ago, we introduced a new, innovative puzzle mechanic to mobile gamers with Merge Dragons! With Dragon Homes, we’re continuing to evolve the Merge mechanic and bring a new design-forward, calming and gratifying way for players to further nurture their dragons and customize their in-game experience.”

If you're unfamiliar with Merge Dragons, it is a colourful puzzler where players discover numerous dragon breeds before evolving them. They can hatch eggs by making matches before those dragons then roam the world, finding objects for players to use and upgrade.

Merge Dragons! is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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