[Update] Out now: Men's Room Mayhem is the third-best thing you can do in a toilet

Royal flush (Updated: Now on Android and Vita, too)

[Update] Out now: Men's Room Mayhem is the third-best thing you can do in a toilet
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Updated on May 23rd, at 08:30: Men's Room Mayhem is also now available on Android, where it costs 68p / 99c.

It's also on PS Vita. It costs £1.99 / $1.99 (£1 / 98c for PS Plus subscribers), and there's a free trial.

Original story follows...

Want to play a game about toilets... while sitting on the toilet?

Thanks to a new iOS game called Men's Room Mayhem - out tonight, priced 69p / 99c - you will be able to do just that. But remember to wash your hands, yeah?

In this one, you play as a janitor in a nightclub toilet, and must direct patrons - Flight Control style - to urinals and cubicles.

You'll need to act quickly to avoid messy accidents. AND you'll need precision. If two heavily inebriated customers have a run-in, you see, they'll have a fish fight in the middle of the men's room.

Also, you are awarded extra points for maintaining proper men's room etiquette (leave a space between urinals, lads) and encouraging good personal hygiene.

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Men's Room Mayhem has five toilets (from nightclub to country pub), lots of different objectives to tackle, a blitz mode, and a handful of different patrons to juggle.

The game's also out on PS Vita this week. In our Silver Award review of the Vita edition, we said: "As Men's Room Mayhem proves, the awful reality of a trip to the toilet on a night out makes for a fantastic video game."

You'll be able to get your (hopefully clean) hands on the Universal Men's Room Mayhem on the App Store when the clock strikes midnight. Now, flush.

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