Mega Monsters to smash its way onto N-Gage

Firemint set to unleash giant lizards onto Nokia's platform

Mega Monsters to smash its way onto N-Gage
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We had a good, hard rave about Firemint's iPhone racer, Real Racing, (check out our Real Racing hands-on at GDDC 2008, so any news from the Melbourne-based developer is quite exciting right now. Which explains why our brains nearly exploded when Nokia dropped us a line to let us know Firemint is now working on a 3D monster mash extravaganza for N-Gage, called Mega Monsters. Speak on, dear friends.

"Mega Monsters is made for those of us who love monsters and who like nothing more than stomping through buildings and crunching a few tanks and helicopters along the way," said Dr Mark Ollila, director of games publishing at Nokia.

"The 3D graphics and fully destructible environment let you set your inner monster loose and smash through city after city. Exciting game's personalisation options help create a crunch-tastic game that will be hard to put down. Mega Monsters is going to be the biggest monster smash on mobile."

While on the rampage, you must ensure your Mega Monster destroys selected targets and picks up dozens of special items, including clothing and other items, to add character to your creature. Each Mega Monster develops its abilities, powers and appearance as it progresses through different missions, and can also gain new powers by hooking up with other Mega Monsters.

You'll be able to stomp and smash through a series of existing city environment or create your own map and challenge others to beat it by uploading it to the N-Gage Arena. You can also customise the game by uploading a picture from your mobile device's gallery to use on an in-game billboard. When being monstrous becomes too much, you're also able to switch sides and join the defence force to build an indestructible monster-proof city, or challenge friends to real-time head to head combat action.

This sounds not entirely dissimilar to another Godzilla-esque game we really enjoyed, Monster Mayhem, and with the extra power of N-Gage behind it (as witnessed recently in the awesome ONE), Mega Monsters has us genuinely excited.

Seeing Firemint approaching the Nokia platform with such verve also makes us wonder whether we might yet see Real Racing on the N-Gage – elbow, elbow, Firemint.

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