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Fans are unhappy Mario Tennis Aces won't let you play a full game of tennis

A swing and a miss

Fans are unhappy Mario Tennis Aces won't let you play a full game of tennis

Mario Tennis Aces launched last week to some rather mixed reviews, but it seems fans of the game are finding one facet of Mario’s latest tennis outing especially problematic — there’s no way to play a regular, old fashioned game of tennis, standard rules and all.

According to Eurogamer, many fans have expressed growing disappointment over the lack of regular multiplayer tennis. Vanilla tennis matches have been condensed into a shortened format. Rather than your standard sets of six games, the best of three games wins the match. This makes games feel like a rushed affair.

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One redditor noted, “It makes for very shallow gameplay for most matches because there isn't enough time to feel like you are developing a good strategy against your opponent." While it’s a good feature for folks who want to keep things moving, there are no options to adjust the settings for players looking for that core tennis experience. This is a bit surprising, since players did have the option to select how long sets could be in previous Mario Tennis games.

We noted the lack of a robust solo player experiences in Mario Tennis Aces, and it looks as though fans of the game are finding the multiplayer options, as diverse as they are, a bit simplistic. Have you played Mario Tennis Aces yet? What are your thoughts?