Manhunt 2 on PSP gets a release date at last

And it's an apt one for the controversial guns and torture game

Manhunt 2 on PSP gets a release date at last
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After creating a fracas in the courts with the BBFC last year, Manhunt 2 has finally been given a release date. And it's an apt one for the darkly violent game, which had to be modified for release in the UK and to escape an 'adults only' rating in the US. The game will be with us on October 31st - coinciding with the date in the calender British kids like to dress up as zombies and extort money and goods from people worried they'll get a rocket posted through their letter box if they don't comply.

Rockstar confirmed the game's release date to, along with its retail price of £24.99.

Last year Manhunt 2 was refused a UK rating by the BBFC, effectively banning it from release. Following some changes to the game and on appeal to the Video Appeals Committee earlier this year though, the BBFC ruling was overturned and the game was permitted to go on sale.

It's been such a lengthy process, it's a wonder there's anyone still eagerly hanging on for this one - especially as, as you'll read in our review, it's not actually that good a game. Still, perhaps some suitably dark, gory advertising by Rockstar in the lead up to Halloween will shift it some copies. After the lengths its had to go to to get it on sale, the publisher will no doubt be hoping so.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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