[Update] Do my eyes deceive me or is there more than a hint of Sonic about Major Magnet?

It's the latter (Updated with confirmation of Android release)

[Update] Do my eyes deceive me or is there more than a hint of Sonic about Major Magnet?
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Updated on December 21st, at 18:26: PagodaWest has got in touch with us to confirm there will be an Android version of Major Magnet.

"We are currently focusing our efforts on iOS right now, but an Android release will follow sometime thereafter," PagodaWest co-founder Jared Kasl told us.

Sonic The Hedgehog is undoubtedly a beloved franchise, but the speedy blue tyke can still rub people up the wrong way.

Perhaps, then, you're after some high-velocity platform action with a bit more sophistication, panache, and intelligence. Oh, and preferably starring an effortlessly suave hero.

Well, just look at Major Magnet. He's a fine model of a man. Not only does he have superb dress sense and a wicked black eye mask, but he also does physics. You don't get to wear a magnet suit like his without having several PhDs, don't you know.

Anyway, back to the game...

Developed by small indie team PagodaWest Games, Major Magnet will be racing onto iOS on January 10th. That's January 10th, 2013, chums. Yes, 2013! Ignore the release date in the above promotional image. It's, well, wrong.

Pedigree chums

The reference to Sega's Blue Blur in the intro wasn't without merit, by the way. PagodaWest has some serious pedigree in this area, you see, for the team worked on the Sonic 2 HD fan project.

The world of Major Magnet certainly looks similar to the traditional Sonic universe, though there is one very crucial gameplay difference between the two gaming properties.

Instead of controlling the good Major himself in PagodaWest's forthcoming game, you'll use the environment to manoeuvre him through the game's levels, catapulting him through the air using the power of magnetism. Inventive, huh.

PagodaWest is planning to launch Major Magnet as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad on January 10th. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. Go on. It's Christmas.

P.S. Those with eagle eyes may have spotted the Android logo on the promo image for the game above, incidentally. Well done, you. We've reached out to PagodaWest for more details on this. We'll keep you posted.

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