Ubisoft takes Lumines for PSP Euro launch

Colourful musical puzzler adds to the mix

Ubisoft takes <i>Lumines</i> for PSP Euro launch
| Lumines

Already available in Japan and the US, Ubisoft has announced it will be publishing Lumines as a European launch title for PSP on 1 September. Lumines is a puzzle game from Rez and Space Channel 5 creative Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Famed for his cutting-edge style with both music and graphics, Lumines is a sort of musical Tetris in which coloured blocks drop from the top of the screen. These can be removed if squares bigger than 2 x 2 blocks of the same colour are created when the sequencer bar, which moves from left to right passes overhead.

The music comes into play as the flow of the sequencing bar and the speed of the descending blocks are synchronised with the beat of the background music. Once a block is deleted, a music file is played. The more blocks destroyed in a sequence, the better the music.

Players also get the chance to earn new graphical skins as they clear stages while your in-game avatar can be changed via the collectible in-game characters.

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