Lumines coming to the PSPgo?

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Lumines coming to the PSPgo?
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Lumines and Lumines II are already making music on the PSP. However, those of us with the digital download-only PSPgo have yet to sample the musical puzzler. Why, you ask?

In a statement on Twitter, Q Entertainment stated that, "We would love to bring Lumines and Lumines II to the PSN store, but there are complications, music licensing, was published by Namco, etc."

Q Entertainment then went on to say, "That said, we're obviously looking into it :)".

If the smiley face that followed the sentence has anything to tell us, it's that it is not so much a question of 'if', but 'when' it will grace the Playstation Network.

Now that is music to our ears.

Ben Griffin
Ben Griffin
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