Lumines II and Every Extend Extra confirmed for PSP

Publishing deal secures a western release for puzzling duo; Lumines headed to mobile

Lumines II and Every Extend Extra confirmed for PSP
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Buena Vista Games has announced it's to publish Lumines II, the sequel to the finest puzzler on PSP, as well as Every Extend Extra, an updated and enhanced version of the well-regarded PC puzzle/shooter hybrid title that involves setting off bombs for maximum chain reactions.

Every Extend was created by a little-known Japanese indie, but for this improved version the development duties have been handed over to Lumines creator Q Entertainment, which was also responsible for the diverting DS game Meteos.

As for the new Lumines, there's not much in the way of details at all right now, although from the screens currently floating around, little would appear to have changed other than some graphical tweaking.

Then again, common sense suggests the developer is unlikely to tinker too heavily with the game's delicately balanced core dynamic: Lumines is one of those games you really don't want to go poking around inside of too much, or you risk breaking it.

Still, one improvement you can expect – and which Q Entertainment's head honcho, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, has previously hinted at – is the possibility of an increased maximum score. Lumines doesn't count beyond 999,999, as many gamers found out (much to the surprise of its creator). Hardly 'Stop the Press!' stuff, we agree, but it would be a welcome addition nonetheless.

Both games are currently due for an autumn release and are expected to be on display at next month's E3, the world's biggest videogames exhibition. If they are, we'll update you with a hands-on report.

One game that is certain to be at E3 is Lumines Mobile. Set to be published by Gameloft, the publisher recently revealed that Mizuguchi will be on hand to introduce the mobile version at the US event.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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