Who wants some vintage DLC for Lumines on Vita?

Classic level Shinin may appear in Vita version

Who wants some vintage DLC for Lumines on Vita?

Lumines Electronic Symphony was one of the better PS Vita launch titles, delivering the now-familiar puzzling concept to Sony's high-definition portable.

We've already played it to death... but, we may just have to resurrect it at some point in the near future if developer Q Entertainment gets its way and puts out some classic DLC.

For those yet to give Lumines a try, it's a falling block-based puzzler focused around music. Matching up quadrilaterals of the same colour gets you points, and stringing these all together before a bar of music goes by is the key to exceptional scores.

The Shinin

Now, Q Entertainment wants to create a HD version of classic Lumines PSP level Shinin. However, since it needs to get the move greenlighted by publisher Ubisoft before it can proceed, the company has asked its fans to put some gentle pressure on Ubi.

If you're a Lumines Vita fan, then, you might want to visit the official Facebook page for the game, give this post a 'Like', and leave a pleasant comment.

Of course, this doesn't guarantee that the DLC will get made. Oh, and the post currently only has 185 Likes - not exactly the kind of traffic that is going to convince Ubisoft to okay a whole DLC pack for the title.

Still, Shinin was a defining moment in Lumines's history, so to relive it in glorious HD would be a lovely thing indeed.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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