Love You To Bits walkthrough - hints and solutions for every puzzle (Level 1 - 6)

Fall to pieces

Love You To Bits walkthrough - hints and solutions for every puzzle (Level 1 - 6)
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Love You To Bits is a charming little point and click adventure, about a space-faring boy and his robotic girlfriend.

When his bae is blasted to bits, it's your job to travel from planet to planet and find all the pieces. To do this you'll need to solve puzzles.

They can be tricky, and with no hint system to speak of you can become completely stuck. That's why we're here! With a handy step-by-step guide to every head-scratcher (and bonus item) in the game.

1 - Cosmic Break-up Love You To Bits A - This level's essentially a tutorial, so we won't spell it out for you. Just make sure you don't forget to pick up the record at position A. 2 - A Slimy Future Love You To Bits 1 - Climb the ladder and take the crowbar from the toolbox 2 - Use the crowbar to open this grate. Then walk through the sewer and climb up the other side. 3 - Climb up the drainpipe on the right, then unwind the firehose so it drops down to the ground. Then go back down the drainpipe. 4 - Use the dangling firehose to jab it in the slime monster's butt. Then climb back up the drainpipe. 5 - Turn this valve to turn the hose on. This will fill the slime monster up with water, and make Nova's body pop out. Grab it and then enter the teleportation field to finish the stage. Bonus items A - Pull the plumber skeleton out of this green pipe, then take a closer look at the bones to get the first item - a heart-shaped locket. B - The second item, a doll, is stuff in this grate. Walk over to and pull it out. 3 - Matter of Perspective Love You To Bits 1 - Climb down the ladder and pull this lever once. You'll now be walking on the wall! 2 - Walk to this lever and pull it once. You're now upside down, which means you can... 3 - Walk to this totem and activate it. The goal in this Monument Valley inspired-level is to turn on all four totems. 4 - Return to the switch number 2 in our screenshot above and pull it twice. You're now walking normally again and can activate the totem marked 4 in our screenshot. 5 - Return to switch number 2, and pull it three times so you're walking on the right side of the wall. This lets you go down and pull switch number 5. 6 - Try and grab Nova's arm from this crow. It will fall... up. We'll have to come back for it later. 7 - Activate this totem. 8 - Return to switch number 5 and pull it. This gives you access to totem 8, which you can activate. This will spin the top-right platform. 9 - Walk to this switch and pull it once. You can now climb the right-most ladder on the screen. 10 - At the top you can now walk across the platform and enter the portal at 10. This will send you to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to climb down the bottom-left platform... 11 - to get to the arm that the crow dropped. Enter the teleporter to finish the stage. Bonus items A - When you have access to this switch, pull it twice to make the mug in the centre of the screen go upside down. Now you access pick it up by walking underneath it (near the totem marked 8 in our screenshot) B - To get the second item, navigate to totem 7 and pull the rope marked B. This will make it fall up to the top of the screen. Then get back to totem 3 and pull the ropes in the order C, D, E as quickly as possible. If you get it right, return to the very start of the level to get an hourglass. 4 - A Hero for all Seasons Love You To Bits 1 - Pick up the two piles of autumn leaves and place them both in the wheelbarrow. Then talk to the gardener chap and he'll give you his rake. 2 - Use the rake to knock down the scarf, and add it to your inventory. 3 - Kick this beachball. It will make the sunbathing man run off for a few seconds. While he's gone, quickly take his umbrella and... 4 - Give it to this guy. He'll be so happy he'll give you his hat. 5 - Take this bucket, and fill it with sand by using the pile of sand next to the umbrella chap. 6 - Then use the bucket of sand on the campfire in the autumnal area and pick up the sticks. 7 - Pick up the jug from under this pink tree, and then fill it with snow from the pile next to the snowman. 8 - Place the jug on the tree stump under this ray of sunlight. This will quickly melt the snow and turn it into water. 9 - Pour the water on this patch of ground to make carrots grow. Grab one to add it to your inventory. 10 - Use the scarf, hat, sticks, and carrot on the snowman. Then talk to the man holding Nova's arm. He'll be so impressed with his snowman that he'll hand over the arm. Just enter the teleporter to finish the stage. Bonus items A - Investigate the contents of this basket three times. On the third go you'll pull out a little bottle of medicine. B - To be added... 5 - Stuck in Time, in Time, in Time... Love You To Bits 1 - Wait for the farmer to come out of his door and lower the barrier to the cow. Then walk past and grab the walking stick. 2 - Use the walking stick to pull down these lights. (You may need to wait for time to reset and for the farmer to lower the barrier again). 3 - Tie one end of the rope of lights to the mailbox, and the other to the cow's foot. Then, when the cow is lifted up by the UFO, a key will fall out of the mailbox. Take it. 4 - Use the key in this keyhole to open the shutters. Inside is a ray gun. Take it! 5 - Give the gun to the farmer when he's stood on the mailbox. He will shoot the UFO and this will knock Nova's neck piece off the roof. Grab it, and then use the teleporter to exit the level. Bonus items A - At the end of the puzzle, when the UFO hits the house, a boomerang will fall down and land at spot A. Grab it. B - You can only get this bonus item while time is still repeating. If you've fixed time then restart the level.

Now turn off the scarecrow here. When time resets, birds will be in this area. Turn the scarecrow back on to make them fly away. This will make a pen drop on the floor.

6 - An Alien in the Playground Love You To Bits Love You To Bits 1 - Travel to the play area of this park, and grab this flat ball from the rubbish bin. And then return to the first screen with the statue. 2 - Use the pump here to inflate your ball. Then go back to the play area. 3 - Try and climb up the climbing wall in the middle. The troll will knock you down, and will be stood in the middle of the playing frame. 4 - Push down on the left side of this see-saw and then place the red ball on the seat. Then push down on the right side of the see-saw. This will fling the ball into the air, and will knock the troll onto the floor. He'll run off crying. 5 - Which means you can climb up to the top. Now, look to see which side of the screen the purple bird (5) is sitting at. If he's on the left, go down the slide. If he's on the right, go down the ladder. This will let you sneak up behind the bird and pick it up without it flying off. 6 - Go back to the this screen and climb up to the base of the statue using the chair next to the reading man. 7 - Then use your pointy-beaked bird on the red balloon to the left. This will free up the balloons. 8 - Use the balloons to ride up to the statue, go get the chain, and enter the teleport to finish the stage. Bonus items A - Once you've removed the flat ball from the trash, look inside the bin again to find a green dress. B - At the end of the puzzle solution, this umbrella will have fallen to the ground and you can pick it up.
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