Flower-powered shooter Love Me Not set to bloom on Android and iOS

Daisy chaining

Flower-powered shooter Love Me Not set to bloom on Android and iOS
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Flowery bug blaster Love Me Not is set to take root in the App Store later this week.

You remember picking a daisy as a kid and pulling the petals off one by one to establish whether that special someone would love you forever? Yeah, you do.

Well, what you probably don't remember is firing the newly plucked petals at advancing insects while the environment around you pulsated with neon sunbeams.

Uncade's new tilt-and-shoot game Love Me Not lets you fulfil this previously unrealised goal. Simply tilt your mobile device to rotate the petals, and then tap them to send pretty floral missiles zipping towards unsuspecting creepy crawlies, building your high score as you go.

In bloom

Given the dev's last game was the Bronze Award-winning football puzzler Blast Ball, you could say that the team is turning over a *cough* new leaf with this horticultural offering.

Uncade plans to release Love Me Not on both iOS and Android. All being well, it should spring up on the App Store on May 31st. There's no firm release date for the Android version yet.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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