Frontier Developments resolves fiddly LostWinds iOS control issue with latest update

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Frontier Developments resolves fiddly LostWinds iOS control issue with latest update
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During his review of the iOS port of ethereal Wii adventure LostWinds, PG's features editor Mark Brown noticed that something important had been lost in translation.

While the Wii game's clever ideas, endearing visuals, and sense of wonder had remained intact, the control system had changed. And changed for the worse.

You see, the iOS version asked you to handle both movement and wind-drawing mechanics simultaneously. Rather inevitably, this made complicated manoeuvres tricky and ultimately frustrating.

Thankfully, LostWinds has just received an update that means the control scheme more closely resembles the one employed in the original Wii version.


As well as providing an optional D-pad to move Toku around the screen with in this update, Frontier Developments has added Gust Time, a customisable feature that slows the game down when you are harnessing the power of its wind mechanics.

Our LostWinds main man Mark got to grips with the game's update today, and had this to say about the changes:

"In the transition from Wii to iOS, LostWinds sacrificed a level of precision when fiddling with wind, and made many sections massively frustrating. Within only a few minutes of trying the new controls, it's obvious that they've been fixed for the better."

There you go, then.

The updated version of LostWinds can be whisked away from the App Store for £2.49 / $3.99.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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