Braben announces LostWinds for iOS and Android

Acclaimed platformer coming this year

Braben announces LostWinds for iOS and Android
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Speaking to Eurogamer at the Develop conference in Brighton, legendary game developer David Braben has revealed that his studio Frontier Developments will be bringing its WiiWare title LostWinds to iOS and Android later this year.

LostWinds, which was originally designed around Nintendo's Wiimote, involves using gestures to create gusts of wind on which to propel the central character Toku through the air. You can also use gusts to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

In the iOS and Android versions you'll control Toku using a virtual control stick in the bottom-left of the screen, and create gusts using touchscreen gestures.

"It works very well with the Wii controller motions,” Braben told Eurogamer, “but it also works on a touch interface in a very similar fashion.”

Braben also revealed that the original LostWinds will be available, “to start with,” implying that sequel Winter of the Melodias will also hit smartphones at some point.

WiiWare version pictured above.
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Rob Hearn
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