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IGG tempts super-fans with new Lords Mobile merchandise

The Emperor’s new clothes

IGG tempts super-fans with new Lords Mobile merchandise

IGG’s open-world strategy game Lords Mobile has attracted millions of passionate players from around the globe since its launch in 2016. For the super-fan who wants to wear their enthusiasm on their sleeve (including literally), the official merchandise shop is packed with all sorts of fun products, including t-shirts, figurines, mouse mats, baseball caps – and much more.

There’s plenty to come, too, with the Lords Mobile team announcing a fresh range of desirable items scheduled to arrive in-store in 2020. So far, IGG has hinted that a ‘Songstress of the Sea’ figurine and an ‘Ethereal Guide’ figurine will soon be up for grabs, alongside a load of new mugs, rucksacks and more.

The Singapore-based developer has kept a busy schedule of global meetups, everywhere from Tokyo to L.A., giving players a chance to gather, talk all things Lords Mobile, and even dress up as their favourite characters comic-con-style. At recent events, attendees had the chance to snap up highly collectible merch.

Something not for sale, however, is the Royal Wonder statue – a newly announced, limited edition item for VIP players. If you’re among this exclusive club, you’ll receive the statue as a gift, and be the envy of kingdoms throughout the Lords Mobile world.

To find out more about what’s in store, and to be the first to know when new stock comes rolling in, follow Lords Mobile on social media and make sure to check the store page.