Classic Amiga game Lemmings piling aimlessly towards the iPhone for free

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Classic Amiga game Lemmings piling aimlessly towards the iPhone for free
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Stone-cold classic Amiga title Lemmings is speeding its way to the iPhone trapdoor.

Lemmings is an infuriating puzzler that sees 100 idiotic, green-haired tykes blundering their way aimlessly forward and falling off platforms to their death.

To curb this slaughter, the player has to assign individual creatures with special skills like blocking, tunnelling, and umbrellas to redirect them to safety.

There’s only a limited supply of said abilities available in each of the 120 levels, though, so strategy, timing, and precision are the order of the day. Alternatively you can hit the 'nuke' button and giggle as they all shout ‘Oh no!’ and explode into tiny pieces.

The original game by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) was nothing short of a system-seller for Commodore’s home computer, and spawned countless sequels, spin-offs, and ports to other machines.

Despite announcing the game before even starting development, Mobile1Up, maker of the Palm OS port, is confident it can get an iPhone version from the Palm OS code out soon.

In fact, it’s so confident in its skills that it’s writing a live blog of the process, having already managed to get a PC/Mac version together in less than 24 hours.

Once the conversion process for the iPhone is complete, and Apple’s certification team have put away their fine-toothed combs, the title will be available on the App Store for free.

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