Peter Molyneux's next game, Legacy, looks bloody lovely

Going back to his first game for inspiration

Peter Molyneux's next game, Legacy, looks bloody lovely
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Full disclosure: I love Peter Molyneux. His enthusiasm for making games and seeing this big, grand picture in his head has definitely caused him trouble in the past, but it's always kind of inspiring to see someone be enthusiastic in what has become, at times, a dark and horrible gaming environment.

Anyway, he's finally talking about 22Cans' next game, a new city-building/god-game/toy-construction simulator called Legacy. It's based off his first ever game, The Entrepeneur, which he made by himself back in 1984, but with a few more modern bells and whistles. Like user-generated content, for starters.

Red Bull Gaming has a full video of it which I'll throw in below, and from what we've seen so far, it looks super lovely. The graphics are chunky and colourful, kind of like The Trail (22Cans' previous game), and the actual gameplay looks like the kind of thing Molyneux is known for - messing about with people's lives on a grand scale.

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More importantly, it looks pretty much like a finished product already. The video warns that all the footage is pre-alpha, but even now it's looking a lot more fleshed-out than the disastrous Godus, which was released far too early and caused most of Molyneux's media takedown. It certainly looks like he and the team have learned their lesson now.

Quick sidebar - at what point can we stop bringing up the fact that Peter Molyneux said a lot of things that didn't come true in his games? It's not like he killed your dog, folks. He got hyped up about his own games and let his mouth run wild for a bit. Let's let bygones be bygones, yeah?

Sorry. Either way, we don't really know when Legacy will be coming out, or what platforms it'll hit. Nintendo Life reckons it's coming to PC and mobile first, and it may well land on Switch in the future. Providing Molyneux decides to say a little bit more about this game in the coming months, we'll be sure to keep you posted with news.

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