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Epic battles await in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings available for download now

Spread them furious wings

Epic battles await in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings available for download now

If you’re someone who prefers playing your fantasy epic Action RPGs on the go, then you’ll love Youzu Interactive’s new title: Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. Offering players the ability to engage and take on screen-filling bosses in bombastic fashion, Furious Wings’ hold over you will be ‘spellbinding’ to say the least.

Available to download now on IOS and Android devices, feel legendary in the palm of your hand as you slash, hack, and blast your way through the vibrant fantasy setting of Aurora either in PVP combat against your friends or by fighting alongside them in CO-OP.

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The grandiose 3D visuals featured in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings takes on-screen mobile action to an all new level, only serving to heighten the game’s in-depth battle system. Fight your way through the demon hordes that guard the dark crystal in your role either as Berserker, Bladedancer, or Sorceress.

One does not simply fight alone when defending the world of Aurora though. In-depth guild systems allow you to engage with friends when enjoying real-time battles, rewarding those who succeed with special features such as Guild Quests, Guild Gifts, Guild Blessing, Guild Beasts, Guild Worship, and more. Complete these, and Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings will delight with dazzling loot fit for a king.

As a chosen guardian, you’ll be able to rain down fiery meteors and send phantom dragons crashing into their enemies with simple touches, taps, and swipes of the screen. You’ll need to master these skills and be swift when battling epic bosses, thankfully the forces of Fire, Ice, and Electricity will always be on your side.

Aching to pluck that sword from the stone? No problem. Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is available to download now from the Apple and Google Play stores. Come forth and do battle.