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Last Cloudia: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Devil May Cry collab

Last Cloudia: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Devil May Cry collab
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Reliving the glory days of classic JRPGs is as simple as diving into the nostalgic world of Last Cloudia. With its gripping storyline, old-school art, and stunning character design that rouse the spirits and stir the hearts, mobile game developer and publisher AIDIS Inc.’s gorgeous RPG is the perfect partner to launch a collaboration event with Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5.

The popular and ultra-stylish hack-and-slash action game has been wowing fans the world over with its adrenaline-pumping gameplay since the first installment of the game came out in 2001. But while the well-loved series now boasts a total of over 22 million units shipped worldwide, its claim to fame is its main character Dante—the sleek devil-may-care protagonist with a penchant for jaw-dropping combos and sick moves as he rids the human world of evil demons and leaves a string of devil corpses in his wake.

Now, fans of both games can enjoy Dante and his Devil Hunters even more with Last Cloudia’s collaboration event titled “The Legendary Devil Hunter” from January 28th to February 17th.

Not only will players automatically receive at least one collaboration unit simply by participating in the event, but they will also get the chance to score two new arks along with the three possible units: Nero, V, and Dante himself. The three characters will be voiced by their original voice actors, namely, Johnny Yong Bosch for Nero, Brian Hanford for V, and Reuben Langdon for Dante.

Players will be able to use these key characters’ specific moves to save Granzelia: Nero will be a powerful attacker with fast, stylish combos much like he is with his Devil Bringer in the original franchise, while Devil Summoner V will be a long-ranged attacker that can command three demon familiars. He’ll also be able to dish out powerful status ailments to cripple unwitting foes. Finally, half-human, half-demon Dante will have three distinct attack styles that players can switch between, making for a more dynamic engagement during battle.

The Collaboration Arks will include the Devil May Cry Mobile Office (LR) and Nefarious Usurper Urizen (LR). The event will also feature cool sound effects and a rockin’ soundtrack with recreated attacks from DMC.

With Dante’s magnificent red coat billowing in the wind in beautiful pixel art form, you can burst into the special collaboration event battle with your guns a-blazin’ and challenge the powerful Demon King Urizen from Devil May Cry 5, who dares to stand in the heroes’ way much like in the original story. Plus, you can boost your overall strength by obtaining tons of event-exclusive equipment and enhancing these limited items during the duration of the collab.

For instance, you can enhance your equipment (e.g. Nero’s Red Queen!) at the Alchemy Lab by collecting Red Orbs, as well as experience the exhilarating Style Rank system that’s based on the overall coolness factor of combat. True to the source material, the higher your Style Rank is, the more Red Orbs you can score. Plus, you can challenge your own mettle in battle at the limited dungeon, Bloody Palace. From February 10th, you can test your monster-killing prowess with how fast you can rid your surroundings of endless evil creatures that spawn one after another. As flashy and as high-speed as the original version from the franchise, this single-elimination tournament provides fans a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you compete against players in time trials to be at the top of the rankings throughout the event.

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For more information on the exciting collaboration, you can check out the official AIDIS YouTube channel or follow the Official Last Cloudia Twitter (@lastcloudiaen) for cool promos. The Last Cloudia collab will run for both the Japanese and English versions of the game, so it’s time to gear up and get your DMC game face on!

You can find Last Cloudia available to download for free for iOS, and Android.