Largo Winch storms onto phones

Blockbusting comic action in the canals of Venice

Largo Winch storms onto phones
| Largo Winch

What's that? You don't see why you should be interested in Belgian comic-book characters who are Big In France? One word: Tintin.

Okay, so this story's nothing to do with the bequiffed amateur detective (although come to think of it, why isn't there a Tintin mobile game?). Instead, Overloaded is releasing a game based on another Belgian comic hero: Largo Winch.

Largo is a billionaire mogul with a taste for numerous beautiful women and James Bond-style adventures. A bit like Alan Sugar, except for the excessive women, the adventures, and the billionaire part, in other words.

This game will see you battling your way around Venice trying to uncover a mysterious plot. Overloaded says it'll feature platform levels, but also bits where you zoom through the canals in a powerboat, as well as hot-footing it to New York for some urban helicopter action.

The publisher will be creating a series of games based on Largo, so this is just the start of things. Today, Belgium, tomorrow – the world! Or at least The Netherlands.