Tomb Raider: Legend goes mobile, more DS details revealed

All the latest news and screens on the pocket versions of Lara's latest adventure

Tomb Raider: Legend goes mobile, more DS details revealed

There's going to be no escaping Lara Croft this summer (huh – like you'd want to run away from a girl in those shorts), as Eidos sends its favourite daughter out into the world on just about every pocket format.

If you've been paying attention then you'll already know that the lovely Lara will be coming to Nintendo's DS and Game Boy Advance this autumn in the form of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend, and that a PlayStation Portable outing of the same adventure is due imminently.

What you might not know is that this latest episode in the Croft chronicles is also due to make an appearance on your mobile phone. Whilst specific details are a little thin on the ground, we have uncovered the first pictures of our heroine in action (eyes up).

Whilst scrabbling through the rubble of E3 releases, we've also managed to glean a few more details about the DS and GBA versions.

We now know that both formats will feature all eight levels of the original console version, meaning around eight hours of continuous entertainment, and that there'll be plenty of secret unlockable features to discover, as well as purchasable bonus elements to extend this further.

The DS game will be a hybrid 2D/3D adventure that will make use of touch-screen, microphone and wi-fi, with the latter used for trading bonus features, such as mini-games, cinematics and art.

The GBA game meanwhile will be a 2D platformer with parallax scrolling (which entails different objects in the background moving at different speeds to create illusion of depth), and a slideshow to link the levels in place of cut-screens.

Okay, so not much more info there really. Hopefully this treasure trove of new images from every pocket format will help distract you – ooh, pretty!

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