iPhone beat-'em-up legend Kroll drops to 59p

Update coming, on top of price drop

iPhone beat-'em-up legend Kroll drops to 59p
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The iPhone was still gathering momentum when Digital Legends released the platorm's first 3D fighting game Kroll to much fanfare.

"There's no doubt Digital Legends has established a new visual standard with Kroll and its gameplay is equally deserving of praise," Tracy said in his review.

But Kroll did have a few complaints levelled against it, mostly concerning how short it is. But that ageing complaint could now be void, as Digital Legends just dropped us a line to say Kroll has been reduced to just 59p. And there's more:

"After the crazy months of work we had since the launch and other projects, we could now find some space to make new chapters and fix a couple of things on the game, add more enemies and a better way to unlock the Black-Soldier mode to the game which is so much relentless fun," explains Digital Legends's Liam Patton, breathlessly.

"So we are also coming with an update very soon, hopefully even this May. Will have the same scrolling gameplay and boss battles, but with more cool levels (actually 30 per cent more!), flying enemies and for less price, so we will keep it at £0.59! In end, more value for pocket gamers."

Liam makes an excellent point, so there's no better time to grab Kroll and pass your afternoon at work in sword and sandal mayhem.

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