KooZac: the mobile game that crosses Tetris with sudoku

Last year's IMGA finalist gets a publishing deal

KooZac: the mobile game that crosses Tetris with sudoku
| KooZac

All these mobile games awards for emerging developers seem a good idea, but they're useless if the games don't actually come out. What's the point of a panel of eminent judges thinking a game is the bee's knees, if you can't then buy it at some point?

Thankfully, KooZac is one game making the leap from awards glory to an actual publishing deal. It was one of the finalists in last year's International Mobile Gaming Awards, and has just been snapped up by publisher Uclick, who'll be turning it into a commercial mobile game.

KooZac is the work of developer Ben Cusack (see what he's done there), and has been described as 'Tetris meets sudoku'. (If he could work 'Brain Training', 'Dogs' and 'Deal Or No Deal' in, it'd make a fortune...)

Anyway, the game involves dropping numbered blocks on top of each other to add up to a target number. It has to be said, a very similar idea is used in Living Mobile's Rubik's Numbulution. Still, click 'Track It!' to look out for a review.