Award-winning Tetris-cum-Sudoku puzzler KooZac coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in Q1 2012

'Fully updated and re-imagined'

Award-winning Tetris-cum-Sudoku puzzler KooZac coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android in Q1 2012
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Publisher Square Enix has announced that it's acquired the license for Tetris-cum-Sudoku puzzler KooZac, and is bringing an all-new version to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

If you've never played the award-winning title before, you're charged with positioning falling blocks on top of each other, in order to reach a target number and complete a set amount of combinations.

Square Enix's new "fully updated and re-imagined" iOS and Android version of KooZac will arrive packing three game modes: Puzzle, which tasks you with destroying silver blocks across 60 levels; Endless, which pits you against other players from around the world; and Blitz, a special 60-second mode.

All-new graphics and a reworked user interface will also be present.

Down, down

"KooZac has all the makings of a classic puzzle game and heralds a new style of casual game for Square Enix Ltd and our expanding digital portfolio," Antony Douglas, Square Enix digital sales director, said.

"Since its original online launch the game has enjoyed huge recognition from the media, the industry and its fans."

KooZac is expected to drop into the App Store and Android Market sometime during Q1 2012. Before the end of March, in other words.

We gave the Java version of KooZac a respectable Pocket Gamer Bronze Award a few years back, so keep your eyes peeled for Square Enix's forthcoming version.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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