Ikaruga creator's 3DS shooter Kokuga translated to English and rated in Germany

More hell, less bullets

Ikaruga creator's 3DS shooter Kokuga translated to English and rated in Germany
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Hiroshi Iuchi, the creator of the bullet-hell classic Ikaruga, surprised many fans when he announced his latest game Kokuga for the 3DS.

We were pretty excited about the card-based shooter when it was released in Japan back in September, but our excitement cooled when there was no news of a planned western release.

This may change soon, however, as Siliconera reports that a recent listing by Germany's USK board showed that the 3DS game has been translated to English.

3 dimensions, four cards

Kokuga is similar to Ikaruga in some regards, namely that it's a top-down shooter, but it's not a traditional bullet-hell experience like some might expect it to be.

Instead, each level Kokuga gives you 20 power-up cards to use. Four of these cards are selected at random and are displayed on your 3DS's lower screen.

When you find yourself in need of their particular boosts, you can tap the card to reap its benefits.

Unfortunately, we don't have much more information about a western release past the English translation and the fact that it's likely to be an eShop-only digital import as its being published by G.rev Ltd.

We'll keep you updated as soon as we have more to report.

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