Pre-register now for Kingdom Conquest II to get your limited edition monster cards

Sega's city-building dungeon grinding sequel is inbound

Pre-register now for Kingdom Conquest II to get your limited edition monster cards
| Kingdom Conquest II

With over 3.5 million downloads to-date, Kingdom Conquest has been one of Sega's most successful mobile games not based on its console IP.

So, how about a sequel for the free-to-play 3D dungeon combat, city-building and card-based battle strategy game?

Apparently, Kingdom Conquest II has been out in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong for a couple of weeks already while Sega tests how well it plays - and monetises.

But fear not, westerners. It will be released globally soon for iOS and Android, and that's where this news comes into play.

Mofo monsters

As now happens with other similar games from the likes of DeNA and GREE, you can pre-register your interest for Kingdom Conquest II, gaining you what Sega calls "two extremely limited Monster Cards".

If you haven't played the game before, monster cards are used in terms of the creatures you deploy in the 3D dungeon combat part of the game. The sequel also adds a commander element, which brings more tactical depth in terms of editing and managing your monster units.

This is combined with city-building and resource management.

You can pre-register and find out more about Kingdom Conquest II here.

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