Noodlecake's Joinz drops to 99p / 99c in first sale

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Noodlecake's Joinz drops to 99p / 99c in first sale
| Joinz

Joinz's unique spin on Tetris released on iOS and Android in 2014, earning a Silver Award for its design and strategic mechanics, and three years later, the game has received its first discount, currently available for 99p / 99c.

Rather than shapes dropping down from above, Joinz challenges you to slide a grid of blocks Threes-style to create tetromino shapes. Same colored blocks merge, earning you points; the challenge comes from managing the crowded grid and getting blocks into desired positions without creating a game-ending gridlock.

Special power-ups provide new tactics, such as row clearing lasers and block separator that let you undo merged shapes. These provide new high-scoring tactics, although the ease that your grid can end up in frustrating position might force you to play with caution.

You can purchase Joinz on the App Store and Google Play.