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Defeat Nian and save the Jelly Kingdom in Jelly Blast!'s latest update

Out now on iOS and Android

Defeat Nian and save the Jelly Kingdom in Jelly Blast!'s latest update
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The match three sensation Jelly Blast! has just received a brand new update which adds a ton of new features, levels, and languages to the treat-themed experience.

There's a brand new event in which you have to save the Jelly Kingdom from Nian, the deadly legendary beast, by lighting up firecrackers.

To help you in this endeavour, there's a new blocker: the Magical Lotus - known for its stunning beauty and marvelous magic.

You'll want new levels to use it in though, and this update doesn't disappoint. There are 45 of them, in fact, and all of them will challenge you like never before.

You can now also teleport back to any previous levels by using the new Jelly Road Map. It's an incredibly handy new feature that will help you keep track of your progress and where you need to head next. Just make sure to thank Mr. Hare drawing it.

Jelly Blast! can also now be experienced in Thai, Indonesian, and Portuguese, as all of these languages have now been added to the game.

If you haven't played it yet, Jelly Blast! is a match three puzzler that sends you off on an amazing adventure throughout the Jelly Kingdom, as you complete hundreds of challenging levels in a variety of exotic locales.

It's match three as you know and love it, but with several innovations - like the boosters which give you a helping hand in the tougher levels, and the treats you're rewarded with each time you complete one.

To check out Jelly Blast! for yourself, head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now.