Sponsored Feature: Gamesys on bringing popular Facebook game Jackpotjoy Slots to iOS

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Sponsored Feature: Gamesys on bringing popular Facebook game Jackpotjoy Slots to iOS
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The thought of playing a slot machine title on your iOS device might be something that conjures up a surge of excitement, or could be something you wouldn't ever consider downloading.

Whatever your reaction, developer Gamesys is hoping its latest game - Jackpotjoy Slots - can appeal to you.

James Gibson, Marketing Manager at Gamesys, spoke to us about how the game attempts to suit a wide range of skill levels, what problems cropped up when designing the app, and what the future holds for Jackpotjoy Slots. There are so many similar titles out there to Jackpotjoy Slots on mobile devices though, so why should you being looking to download Gamesys's app first? "Jackpotjoy Slots offers a far better quality of slot machine than you find in other slots games in the App Store," Gibson explains, "on top of that, our games are varied and unique and that is why our App Store ratings have been so impressive to date."

Keeping a fundamentally simple idea such as a slot game fresh is hard, but Gibson claims that Jackpotjoy Slots manages to pull it off.

"We offer so many different themed slots - for example you can play samurai, running with wolves, or explore the mystical world of pharaohs," he says. "There is really a game for everyone’s taste, and I thinks that makes our app so special. Also we offer a lot very generous bonuses so player will always have some coins available to keep playing and having fun."

Jackpotjoy Slots has the advantage over its slot games rivals in that it already has a solid fanbase, thanks to it being available to play online and over Facebook. Gibson says that the iOS version will match up to the latter of those versions soon as well.

"In terms of the slots, the Facebook version contains many more as we are still in the process of porting slots over to iOS," he explains, "in terms of the gameplay itself there is absolutely no difference in the experience whatsoever."

Making sure the game fitted comfortably onto iOS devices was something that was essential in the title's development too.

"Our main challenge was making the slot games work on the size of an iPhone screen size," Gibson reveals. "We had to adapt slightly the graphics in order to achieve this. The other big challenge was to get the app and the slots ready to get it approved and in the App Store in the timescale laid out."

The game may fit onto a small screen then, but there was a lot of effort in making sure that every type of player feels welcome playing it – and that a barrier to entry isn't a issue.

"Experienced users are able to play all their favourite Jackpotjoy slots," Gibson says, "while new users are carefully guided through their first few spins on our first slot Tiki Island and open up new content gradually so they can get familiar with the game step by step."

In terms of the app reaching other mobile platforms such as Android, Gibson tells us ports are planned.

"Eventually we will but for now our focus is primarily on porting all the content from Facebook over to iOS," he says, "we will keep our eye on market trends and ensure we can adapt accordingly."

You can download the Jackpotjoy Slots app for iPhone and iPad for free now [iTunes link]. Arial;mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">