Yet more Jackass: The Game details scrape through for DS and PSP

Information keeps coming in as though on a drip-feed

Yet more Jackass: The Game details scrape through for DS and PSP
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We promised you more info on the upcoming Jackass game, even if we had to force someone to wear Y-fronts made out of industrial grade sandpaper.

Alas, we didn't have to go that far, because the game's publisher has voluntarily provided us with further details of this mission-based action adventure inspired by the antics of Johnny Knoxville and co.

"For years on Jackass, we stressed 'do not try the stunts we do at home'," said Johnny, while running head first into the nearest lamppost. "But with our new Jackass video game, you can now try our stunts at home… but only while playing the video game, you little juvenile delinquents!"

Presumably too concussed to carry on, Johnny left it to us to fill in the blanks. So, you should expect more than 35 unique scenarios featuring the kind of dumbass stunts we've come to expect from the Jackass crew.

Pleasingly, the game features dynamic physics backed by detailed ragdoll modelling, meaning that your avatar reacts to every impact in a sickeningly realistic way. In fact, when combined with the rich, populated environments the developer is promising, no two in-game stunts will apparently ever be the same.

We've previously mentioned the variety of multiplayer modes centred around a head-to-head dynamic, but PSP owners may like to learn that their version promises to contain unlockable footage from the Jackass TV series. In addition, a full-featured replay option enables them to save their own Jackass moments, which they are then free to trade with other players via the handheld's wireless functionality.

Jackass: The game continues on course for a September release.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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