Details of Jackass DS to make you cringe

First screenshots feature Wee Man, shopping trolleys and general carnage

Details of Jackass DS to make you cringe
| Jackass: The Game

PSP owners have already had their helping of bone-crunching accidents and eating of foul substances courtesy of Jackass: The Game, but the DS version of the game, despite being announced at the same time, has lagged behind.

Now though publisher Red Mile issued some details and screenshots for the game, which is scheduled for a March 28th release.

On DS, Jackass is described as a free-roaming adventure full of all the outlandish stunts you'd expect if you've ever seen the programme - and who hasn't by now? The Jackass cast - included Wee Man and Johnny Knoxville - spring up during the game to judge your attempts at causing mayhem, breaking bones and making yourself vomit. Aren't you glad you're only getting the opportunity to do this virtually?

There will be five open-ended environments to explore, and you'll be able to create a character, customise them with all manner of items and outfits and raise specific attributes to make certain stunts easier to perform. Of the specific stunts mentioned, launching yourself as far as possible from a garbage trucks sounds like it might be our favourite.

The game's multiplayer mode will also allow you to play stunts head-to-head against friends.

With the March release, we still have a while to wait for the opportunity to race shopping trolleys and perform stunts such as the bungie wedgie however. In the meantime, you can get an idea of how it'll look from the newly released screenshots.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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