More Jackass PSP details regain consciousness

Ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of indecency galore

More Jackass PSP details regain consciousness

We know the game is due in September and we know some of the content with regards to the type of events included, as a result of the PSP screenshots released last week (shown again here).

But now we've also been informed that over 30 such stunts are included, enabling you to shoot, drive, flail, roll and injure the game's cast of degenerates. What's more, all of them are not only voiced by their real-life equivalent but they've also been motion captured for complete realism.

Of course, Jackass isn't so much about winning. Well, it isn't provided you lose impressively. Thankfully, a detailed injury system has been implemented, meaning anything from broken femurs to ruptured spleens counts towards your high-score.

Another pleasing inclusion is the variety of multiplayer options promised, enabling players to go head-to-head to out-carnage each other. Equally welcome is mention of the ability to download new game episodes and other user-created content – you get to record, edit and link your best series of crazy moments to create your own Jackass moments.

No real surprise revelations, then, but that's not detracting from the fact that this continues to be a concept that could work surprisingly well on handheld.