Jackass: The Game PSP screenshots smash into view


Jackass: The Game PSP screenshots smash into view

Well, it was never going to be sensible was it? Nevertheless, the first batch of Jackass: The Game screens confirm exactly what you can expect to be doing when the title is released this September.

And that is taking part in the show's trademark antics, of course. As such, the first three PSP shots reveal a shopping trolley race, a Whack-a-Weeman game, and Johnny Knoxville strapped to a huge, inviting target ready to be shot at. With what we don't currently know, but it could obviously be anything from pineapples to armour-piercing 9mm rounds.

A quick look at a set of PlayStation 2 shots also released today unveils a group of other activities, such as extreme unicycling, rolling down San Francisco streets in a trash can, slinging yourself over the neighbours fence, a rooftop shopping trolley 'stop race' and Jackass' very own hardcore version of rock-paper-scissors. These may or may not form part of the PSP version, or course, but they're worth mentioning as an illustration of what other forms of physical punishment you are likely to be inflicting on your avatar.

Which, we'll admit, could be a winning formula. Click 'Track It!' to be kept up to date as we uncover more details.