Jackass crashes onto PSP and DS

Don't try this at home (at least not without a handheld)

Jackass crashes onto PSP and DS
| Jackass: The Game

Where would we be without Johnny Knoxville? Closer to utopia some might say, but for those of us who've graduated from the school of hard knocks, we know the path to success is pitted with broken arms, ripped tendons and the type of face-on accidents that make you wince even when you're watching them on TV in Knoxville's performances on the cult reality zoo that is Jackass.

Quite how such carnage can be condensed into a game is another matter, but luckily it's one that we don't have to worry about. That's the job of New Zealand developer Sidhe, who quitely impressed us with PSP trick-racer GripShift. We can only assume it's been working on a decent ragdoll physics model since.

Mini-games seems to be the most likely route taken for the Jackass game, with characters such as Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuña all getting their own set of dangerous stunts. Shopping carts, downhill slopes, thongs, paintball guns, rolling garbage cans, bumper cars, rooftops, golf carts, unicyles, and another load more thongs are expect to feature heavily.

Presumably marks will be awarded in a Burnout Crash-style manner for the most damage caused, while the publisher's lawyers will be keen for large 'Don't Try This At Home' warning signs to feature in the background.

Publisher and release date are yet to be confirmed but we'd expect Jackass: The Game to collapse, bleeding into stores sometime this autumn.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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